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  • August 1, 2017
    The Back to School Blog

    Or is it "the summer is almost over" blog? Either way, the calendar hit August 1st today and I'm getting a feeling of reality. Kind of like when I was a kid watching Jerry Lewis do his telethon for muscular dystrophy on Labor Day weekend – all the while feeling uneasy by the new school year and responsibilities looming. But I'm not in school anymore, and my responsibilities remain constant all year. Still, August feels different to me than June or July. Looking at my calendar, I know why.

    Retailers think Fall and Winter start in August?

    It sounds funny to type that. But it is true. I've been saying for years that the retail calendar and the actual calendar do not jive. Heaven forbid, stores should stock straw hats, shorts, bathing suits and flip flops in August. Heck, its 90 degrees outside and people are populating golf courses, lakes, swimming pools and outdoor concerts. What would you expect retail stores to stock – hats, gloves and outerwear? It's only if you are in this business that you would find humor in this scenario. But that is what is going on. Here at Broner, containers of winter hats and gloves are being unloaded and checked for quality. Sales orders are dropping down in our warehouse with August cancel dates. It is a flawed cycle that hasn't corrected itself. And you know who wins – the savvy consumer. By the time you need summer clothes – they'll all be on sale. All the sidewalk sales and such start around July 4th – that's when I start spending my money…

    The new selling season starts in August

    August is also the official start to next spring's retail buying season - which means selling here on our end. The Spring 2018 clothing trade shows start promptly in August (some even are held in July). Our first spring '18 presentation will be here in our showroom this week. We actually have two retail partners visiting this week and I'll be excited to show them our line. We will be exhibiting in Las Vegas at the big clothing show (The Collective – booth 29050) August 14th – 16th. And then I start traveling with samples. It is an exciting time, like starting fresh. And with all the turmoil going on in the retail industry, starting fresh is a good idea.

    Time Flies

    You didn't need me to tell you that. We see it with every birthday – our own – our parents – our kids. Yes, August 1st begins the countdown to the end of summer. It used to get me down, a bummer; but not anymore. Yes, June and July are special months. So I try hard to appreciate them for what they are. I golf more, barbeque more, and in general just outside more. And I work a little less. But August is special too. So is September and all the rest of the months. Yes I work a little more and the monthly sales goals get larger. But I know that runs in cycles. And what about college football, fall color change, and family holiday time? It's all good if you appreciate the day. But I'm not here to get philosophical. I'm here to get ready for the August work schedule. Cheers to August!!

    Cheers! BB

    Spring 2108 coming soon